Motor Accident Injuries Law And Claim In South Australia

Injury is a situation which can happen anywhere or everywhere no matter how careful you are. Injury can take place at your workplace, on the road, sometimes in your own residence or due to negligence of doctors treating you etc., the list is infinite. One thing that is common in all these types of injuries is the pain undergone. The injury may vary from person to person but people suffer physically, psychologically and even financially. The word “Financially” has be mentioned because the medical expenses borne by the person injured is an additional burden to the family. If the injured person claims for the injury then he may benefit at least some amount to cope up with the expenses. See here to grab more information about personal injury lawyers.


As said above, the injuries occurring on road refers to the motor accidents that take place on road. It may be on two-wheeler vehicle or four wheeler vehicle. Here, one thing has to be made clear - in case of any injury, the vehicle itself, the person driving the vehicle, other people travelling along with the driver, in case the vehicle hits the people on road, then those people are the ones who are effected by the injury. So, claiming procedure differs from people and vehicles.

Things to take care of before proceeding towards claims

One thing that has to be appreciated is that the Law in South Australia helps in sorting out the issues in case of motor accidents. The Law has specified certain rules and regulations through which the injured person himself or any person on his behalf can fight for the reimbursement or compensation.One suggestion is that a good and talented lawyer has to be hired to fight for the reimbursement or compensation. The following points may help you to take certain care before proceeding towards claims:

  • In any accident, first step is to make sure that you are not the defaulter. In case you are the defaulter, you have no right to fight for compensation. Also, if ever you have legal problems about estates and wills, then don't miss to visit the website.
  • In case of two-wheeler vehicle or four wheeler vehicle accident, the injured person should try to note down the details like vehicle number etc. of the defaulter. However, this point is out of question, as the person who got hurt sometimes won’t have presence of mind at that particular movement. But if this is done, then no one can stop him from getting the compensation.
  • If the vehicle is damaged in a motor accident, then the insurance company can be approached. But for this, the incident has to be recorded in the Police records. A detailed summary of how the accident has taken place has to be given to the Insurance Company. The concerned authorities will inspect the vehicle and then the claim is released.

The Law in South Australia has given a right to claim, but if there is delay in claiming for the compensation, then one cannot guarantee 100% compensation. The movement you get injured, after taking first aid or medical treatment, your first duty is to approach a good advisor or lawyer to start the claiming for compensation.

The process may sound lengthy but there is a discipline for each and everything.

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